The Royal Guard
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The Royal Guard is a functional and endearing nutcracker made from beechwood.

Standing guard with playful lightness, it’s a practical, charming and jolly addition to coffee table or living room sideboard.

Nutcracker inspired by colors and forms

The Guard with a nutcracker in its tummy was inspired by Benjamin Hansen’s undying love for nuts, fine colours and forms.

This iconic fairy-tale figure marches proudly into your home and is a true stalwart in times of need. He is no lightweight when tough nuts need to be cracked.

Height: 21 cm
Length: 6,6 cm
Width: 6,6 cm

Material: Beechwood

Nutcracker for everyone

The Guard’s unique crushing mechanism make it easy to crack any nut that fits into the “cracking space”.

Rotating the Guard’s “head” crushes the nuts. It happens entirely without the application of force. At the same time, the crushing mechanism shields your eyes and palms from exploding nut shards.

This makes the Guard the ideal gift for elderly relatives whose hands are not as strong as they once were, or families with kids who want to join the nutcracking festivities.

Read the story “Denmark in a nutshell” that explains how Benjamin Hansen got his idea for The Royal Guard.

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