The Salt Penguin
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The Salt Penguin is a high-quality salt mill, made from maple wood and walnut. It is patent-protected and saw light for the first time in mid-2006.

The Salt Penguin uses the renowned Hulstrøm Salt Grinder as grinding mechanism.

Classic and stylish salt grinder

The Salt Penguin is a classic and stylish addition to the dining table. However, it also fits the windowsill, sideboard or kitchen dresser perfectly.

This salt grinder serves equally well as kitchen utensil or a sculpture in the house.

It’s a unique example of the combination of passion for handcraft with practical application and beautiful design.

Height: 17 cm
Length: 8 cm
Width: 8,5 cm

Material: Walnut, maple

Salt grinder is the perfect hostess gift

The Salt Penguin kindles life and joy wherever you plant its finny feet.

It’s the perfect hostess gift or Christmas present – and the perfect companion for Tonn-P’s amazing The Pepper Bird. These two design icons have been a pair since the late 1950s.

J.J. Christoffersen trained as a carpenter. He possessed a remarkable insight into the unique properties of wood.

Also, he emphasised the functionality of design while maintaining beautiful form and clean lines. This is evident in stunning design of The Salt Penguin. It is a salt grinder that oozes quality and creativity.

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