Wood Lights Blossom
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Wood Lights Blossom are candleholders in mahogany and oak. They are part of SHFT’s candleholder series, which also includes Wood Lights Stone.

Combine candleholders in myriad of ways

Wood Lights Blossom plays with the variegated shapes and colours of nature. They can be combined in myriad ways and form a single sculptural candleholder, two candleholders or three small candleholders.

This way, you need never tire of the design because you can create a unique and distinctive candleholder that fit your needs, design, and home exactly. At the same time, you can always alter the combinations and add extra options with Wood Lights Stone.

Wood Lights Blossom contains 3 candleholders in blue, pink and natural wood respectively.

Height: 19 cm
Width: 6,5 cm

Material: Mahogany, oak

Candleholder inspired by spring

Wood Lights Blossom were inspired by the colours of spring and celebrate the transition to brighter times when everything begins to bloom.

We are familiar with this shade of blue from many Danish flowers from the garden and forest floor, such as the blue anemone and glory-of-the-snow.

The pink mimics the morning sky when the sun is still low, while the candleholder in wood is a celebration of the naturalness of the tree and wood as material.

Unfold creativity and create personal candleholder

Wood Lights Blossom is your opportunity to unfold your creativity and constantly create change in your home’s interior layout.

The options for varied combination create life and colour in your home.

Invite Wood Lights Blossom into your home and experience the interplay between delicate beautiful colours, shapes and warmth.

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